If you find yourself in an awkward date then you will also find yourself wanting to get out. There are a few things that you can do that will allow you to be able to escape an awkward situation. Whether they are not what you expected or they are just making you feel uncomfortable make sure that you are able to get yourself out of there without making a scene.

Fake an Emergency

While this is something that is usually frowned upon it is sometimes unavoidable. You may need to fake an emergency so that you can have an excuse to rush out of the date and never look back. The fake emergency will usually seem more genuine when you have a friend to help. Excuse yourself to the bathroom and tell a friend to call you and tell you that they need you to come quick, tell them that you’re not feeling well and have to visit the local GUM clinic in the morning as you fear that you may have contracted an STD during your last swingers sex session.

Bow Out Gracefully

If you are not much of an actor, then you may want to try another route; honesty. You can simply tell the person that it is not going to work out and that you don’t want to waste anymore of their time. They may not like to hear it but it will allow you to leave without faking anything.

Tough it Out

If worse comes to worse you may just have to tough it out. Just try to keep yourself entertained and prepared to get out of there when the date is over. At the very least you can have something to laugh about with your friends the next day when you tell them all about it.