Learning how to say no to a nice guy is something that can be really difficult to do. You will find that there aren’t a lot of nice guys out there so you really need to make sure that you let him down easy. If a girl is mean enough to a nice guy then he can turn into a real jerk fast.

Think About It

You really need to think about why you are saying no to this guy. If you can’t come up with a reason, then maybe you need to reconsider. A lot of girls will turn down nice guys only because they are used to dating jerks. If you have a bad habit of bad boys then maybe you need to give this nice guy a chance.

Careful Wording

If you have good reasoning for turning this guy down, then make sure that you choose your words carefully. You don’t want to end up saying anything cliché as this will only make it more difficult on him. Try not to mention the word “friend” and let him know how you really feel. Don’t let him feel like it is something that he did wrong unless it was. If he is a nice guy, then make sure that he knows that by telling him.


Don’t feed him some line. Even if you carefully word something where you don’t give him the dreaded friend speech you can still come across as not genuine. If he really is a nice guy, then he deserves to get treated nicely.